CloudCycle - Security. Standards. Services.

The Project

CloudCycle allows cloud providers to offer their services with guaranteed security and compliance, i.e., compliance with applicable laws, regulations and data-protection requirements, in a cost-efficient and scalable manner to customers in the small and medium-sized business sector and the public sector.

CloudCycle, in contrast to existing solutions, covers the entire life cycle of the services: it allows solution and service providers to specify the security guarantees of their services as well as the run-time environment requirements, to offer and run services in a fully automated manner, and to migrate them between operators.

CloudCycle creates not only new markets for solution developers but also a competitive edge for cloud providers, cloud operators and other suppliers of value-add services in the area of security. CloudCycle validates the offers for broader impact by means of standard solutions for schools, school administrations and citizen portals on the basis of an open-source platform and by means of the interoperability of services and data portability between cloud providers in the public and the private sector.

The Goals

CloudCycle offers small and medium-sized businesses and the public sector the means to benefit from scalable standard solutions and services on open cloud platforms in an economical way.

Adequate security and compliance are automatically guaranteed even for customers with limited security expertise.



OpenTOSCA is a runtime environment for TOSCA-based applications. It enables the fully-automated deployment and management of Cloud applications written in TOSCA.


Vinothek is a Web-based self-service portal for OpenTOSCA. It provides users a simple, grafical interface to provision TOSCA-based Cloud applications using OpenTOSCA.


Winery is a Web-based Modeling Tool for creating TOSCA-based application descriptions. It provides a platform to create TOSCA Service Templates, Node Types, Relationship Types, and all the other things required to work with TOSCA.


Vino4TOSCA is a visual notation for TOSCA. It is based on established usability research and provides additional concepts for visual modularization and abstraction.


BPMN4TOSCA is an extension of BPMN 2.0. It allows accessing the element sof a service topology directly, which in turn eases the development of management plans.


Policy4TOSCA defines and implements concepts to enrich TOSCA-based Cloud Services with non-functional capabilities such as security or energy efficiency. In CloudCycle, we used such policies to define non-functional security requirements on service provisioning.


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