Past Projects

Bachelor and Master theses, Research projects, Entwickelungsprojekte, Study projects, Process analysis, ProjektINF, Fachstudien

Master theses

Bachelor theses

Research projects (MSc)

  • Kelapure Sarthak: Smart Lighting systems using Bluetooth Low Energy, 2019.
  • Muralikrishna Thulasi Raman: Data Mining on Scholar Articles, 2019.

Entwickelungsprojekte (MSc)

  • Paolo Mansilla, Daniel Steinacker, Steffen Wonner, and Javad Zahrabi, HaaS: Human as a Sensor, 2020.
  • Marco Amann, Jonas Baireuther, Samuel Beck, Sebastian Graef, Marcel Graf, Timo Gutierrez, Desislava Ivanova, Martin Kenzler, Christoph Zorn: Serverless Public Dashboards for Smart Environments, 2019.

Study projects/Process analysis (MSc)

  • Sebastian Graef, Desislava Ivanova, Alexander Tiessen: Analysis of Open-Source Home Automation Systems, 2020.
  • Varad Dnyaneshwar Kulkarni: Automated Power-Saving Services in Smart Spaces, 2020.
  • Shrilesh Kale: Human-based IoT system, 2020.
  • Sangamesh Sharanabasappa Motagi: An office locator with IoT, 2020.
  • Manish Mahesh Dalvi: Collection analysis and visualisation of data in a smart living lab, 2020.
  • Mehmet Tepeli, Birasanth Pushpanathan, and Javad Zahrabi: User Engagement for Smart Buildings, 2020.
  • Dinesh Subhuraaj: Development of CO2 and Gas Boiler Service for a Smart Energy Management System, 2020.

Forschungsprojekte/ProjektINF (BSc)

  • Andrew Almaguer, Mohamad Altaweel, Christian Feuerer, and Lukas Heiland: Domain-Independent AI Planning for Automated Deployments on the Cloud, 2020.
  • Architecture for Automated Planning Systems based on Service Orientation: Marvin Dostal, Jia Li, and Zhixian Li, 2018.

Fachstudien (BSc)

  • Christoph Goller, Michael Keppler, Dominik Krakowiak: A Qualitative Analysis of Data Center Simulators, 2020.
  • Kevin Mendes Guido, Melek Kanbur, and Alexander Pavlovski, Analysis of AI Planning Systems, May 2020.
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