Dipl.-Inf. Olha Danylevych

Research Associate and Ph.D. Student


Service Networks and Service Choreographies
Nowadays, the competitiveness of a company depends on its ability to adapt. To achieve this adaptability it is necessary to represent and manage the complex networks that tie companies with their suppliers, customers, competitors. Service Networks aim at servicing this need. Service Networks are models that represent the structure of the inter- and intra-organizational relationship among business units, enterprises, etc. They can be connected to the practice of modeling Business Processes and Service Compositions (i.e. service choreographies and orchestrations), which are then analyzed and optimized on the basis of criteria defined at Service Network level. My PhD project investigates different aspects of the Service Networks. The current focus is on how to model Service Networks. Later on will be investigated the mechanisms to transform Service Networks to Service Compositions and vice-versa, and the change management of the Service Networks.


FP7 EU Project 4CaaSt

Building the PaaS Cloud of the Future.


European Network of Excellence in Software Services and Systems.


Book Chapters

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Journal Papers

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Conference Papers

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Workshop Papers

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Technical Reports

  1. Mancioppi, Michele; Danylevych, Olha: Awareness-based Realizability Analysis of Service Choreographies, Technischer Bericht Nr. 2012/01 (pdf).
  2. Mancioppi, Michele; Danylevych, Olha; Papazoglou, Mike P.; Leymann, Frank: A Language-Agnostic Framework for the Analysis of the Syntactic Structure of Process Fragments, Technischer Bericht Nr. 2010/07 (pdf).

Other Publications

  1. Danylevych, Olha: Stratifizierte Transaktionen, Diplomarbeit Nr. 2663, 2008.