Department of Service Computing

The Department of Service Computing is led by Prof. Dr. Marco Aiello.


The Service Computing Department focuses on the foundations of Service-Oriented Computing and the engineering of distributed, service-oriented systems. Special emphasis is posed on the application of Formal Methods and Artificial Intelligence techniques to create smart, adaptive, and resilient distributed systems.

Applications that are currently developed in the department include:

  • Smart Office Solutions to increase comfort and safety in the workplace while saving energy
  • Energy Distribution on the Smart Grid: topology control, distribution optimisation, multi-vector networks
  • Smart Data Center monitoring and management
  • Adaptive Business Process Management based on dynamic service composition


Visiting Address

Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart


This image shows Marco Aiello

Marco Aiello

Prof. Dr.

Head of Department

Elisabeth Ibach



This image shows Ilche Georgievski

Ilche Georgievski


Akademischer Rat and Head of Division Planning, Learning, and Intelligent Systems

[Photo: Ilche Georgievski]

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