ReSUS (Reusable Software University Stuttgart)

DFG-LIS Project

A platform for publication, search, citation and automated execution of research software

The Project

New findings in all research areas are based on the fact that existing knowledge and results of scientific studies can be shared, verified and reused. In order to be able to trace and reproduce research results, not only the publication and the research data, but also the associated research software must be made available more and more often. However, the research software must not only be published, but also executable. The high effort to make data and source code available in a replicable way, to cite and use them correctly, however, stands in the way of the vision of an open science. Until now, there is no standards-based format that allows the citation, storage, archiving, and automated installation of research software and related artifacts. With the help of a standards-based solution that integrates all functionalities, synergy effects between different scientists and different research areas can be achieved. The goal of the ReSUS project is therefore to enable the publication and reuse of research software through a standards-based packaging format.

The Consortium

Research Partners
  • University of Stuttgart Library
  • University of Stuttgart - Institut of Architecture of Application Systems


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