Sovereignty for quantum solutions in the cloud

Project Description

The aim of the project at the University of Stuttgart is to develop a platform and associated tools and services for the economic development and integration of quantum software in the cloud. This will enable the creation of a holistic ecosystem for the application of quantum computing. Unified access to existing quantum hardware will be established, while also enabling easy integration of new quantum hardware. The creation and operation of hybrid quantum software will be ensured based on extensions of existing workflow and provisioning technologies as well as corresponding standards. The developed platform components and tools will be realized as an extension of the PlanQK ecosystem and implementations from PlanQK use cases will be prototypically deployed on the quantum cloud. The planned tools will continue to be developed as open source software and made available to interested parties for their own use or further development.

Project Partners

  • Universität Stuttgart
  • QMware
  • Fraunhofer


This image shows Julian Obst

Julian Obst


Research Associate

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