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All Job Openings of the Department for Service Computing

Job Openings

All open positions within the Department for Service Computing are listed here. In case the list is empty, it means there are currently no open positions. If you have your own, already acquired, source of funding please send an email to Prof. Dr. Marco Aiello with title “Supervision for Externally Funded PhD” together with a detailed CV and a 3-5 pages research proposal.

1-year Open Position at the Post-doc or PhD Level

In today’s data-centric world, people expect the right data to be available everywhere, anytime, cheaply, in growing quantities and ‘processed right’. Increasing data storage, processing and continuity requires a globally growing and more efficient data-center management to lower the environmental footprint.

In some cases, the total energy costs in a data-center can exceed the initial capital investment cost. While, the ICT industry represents a 3% share of the global carbon emissions. By 2020, the ICT sector is expected to have a 21% share of the global electricity demand, with data centers responsible for almost half of the demand.

The position is open within the NextGenSmart DC project’s which premise is that the application of state-of-the-art ICT tools and techniques can improve the environmental footprint of energy-intensive facilities and deliver Smarter and Greener Data-Centers, through ‘self-help’

The project is run in collaboration with two major global Fortune 500 companies.”


The position is open for one year with the possibility of being extended to a full PhD position after the first year or, for candidates with a PhD, to be a prolonged post-doc.


A Master or PhD in Computer Science or related field for the PhD or Post-doc position respectively.
Ability to program, design/run/analyze simulations and experiments.
Knowledge of data-centres, machine learning, thermal modelling are considered plusses.

How to Apply

Send a CV, Motivation letter, Names and contact details of at least two referees to


Submit your application before March 31st. The posting will remain open until a suitable candidate has been found.


HiWi wanted!

In our department, we focus on engineering distributed and service-oriented systems such that exhibit smart and adaptive behaviour. We are particularly interested in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in the domains of smart buildings and smart grid. Among the AI techniques, we are using Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) planning to automate various processes, such as the control of lights in office spaces. Since this AI technique appears to be well-suited for such domains, we would like to improve the current implementation of our HTN planner by transforming it into a reliable service-oriented HTN planning system.

We are looking for a committed student for the necessary improvement and development of the HTN planning system, and for performance comparison of the upgraded planning system with existing HTN planners. The monlty working hours will be between 20 and 40 hours by agreement.


  • Programming knowledge (Scala, Akka, RESTful, etc.)
  • Self-motivation and enjoyment in working independently

Are you interested?

Contact Dr. Ilche Georgievski


Currently no (other) openings.


Marco Aiello
Prof. Dr.

Marco Aiello

Head of Department

Elisabeth Ibach

Elisabeth Ibach


Ilche Georgievski

Ilche Georgievski

Lead of Smart Energy Systems Research Area

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