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OpenTOSCA - Open Source TOSCA Ökosystem

OpenTOSCA ist eine Laufzeitumgebung für TOSCA-basierte Anwendungen. Dabei wird eine vollautomatische Bereitstellung und Verwaltung von Anwendungen durch Managementpläne ermöglicht.

The Project

OpenTOSCA provides an open source ecosystem for the OASIS Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) standard which was developed at the University of Stuttgart. As the name indicates, TOSCA has two parts (i) the topology, describing the components and relations of the application, and (ii) the orchestration, explicitly modeling management aspects of the application. 

The OpenTOSCA ecosystem consists out of three parts, as shown in the figure above:

  1. OpenTOSCA Container, a TOSCA runtime environment
  2. Winery, a graphical modeling TOSCA tool
  3. Vinothek, a self-service portal for the applications available in the container

Find out more on our OpenTOSCA Website or explore our GitHub profile for detailed information about how to develop and use the ecosystem.


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