Exams - SUMMER TERM 2017

Dates for WRITTEN exams SUMMER term 2017 (please check the dates, times and rooms regularly on the site of the Pruefungsamt):

10.08.2017 - IT Strategy
22.08.2017 - Business Process Management
23.08.2017 - Loose Coupling and Message Based Applications
25.08.2017 - Service Computing
18.09.2017 - (Grundlagen der) Architektur von Anwendungssystemen
20.09.2017 - Cloud Computing: Concepts & Technologies
22.09.2017 - PSE, Grundlagen der Informatik, Grundlagen der Programmierung

ORAL exam dates for the WINTER term 2016/2017:

October 19th, 2017 AND November 7th, 2017

Please register for the exam via LSF/C@mpus. In order to get an oral exam date, please also register at the IAAS secretary.