Institute of Architecture of Application Systems (IAAS)

The research and lectures offered by the IAAS are covering the structure of different application systems. The IAAS is involved in multple projects with many partners.

The IAAS deals with the architecture of application systems. An application system is a software that directly supports one or more business activities of a company. Typical attributes for such a system are:

  • It covers essential parts of the business activities of a company.
  • It processes large amounts of persistent data.
  • It allows simultaneous use by a large number of users.
  • It exchanges information with similar systems.

Architecture is the underlying structure of application systems: What kind of building blocks and what kind of connections between them are needed to create such a system and to guarantee its required non-functional properties.

In this context, the IAAS focuses on middleware, i.e., what type of middleware is suitable for the architecture of a particular application system and how this middleware is best used. Furthermore, paradigms for the modeling and specification of application systems are investigated and developed in order to, for example, guarantee their compliance, i.e., their conformity with (for example legislative or internal company) rules.



This image shows Frank Leymann

Frank Leymann

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c.

Managing Director

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Marco Aiello

Prof. Dr.

Head of Department

Elisabeth Ibach



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