Dr. Dieter Roller

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Biographic Data

Dieter Roller was an employee of IBM Germany Development Inc, Böblingen. He held the position of a IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and was a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He has retired in May 2007 enjoying very much his new life without meetings and deadlines.

He has held several managament and technical positions during his career. He was among others the Senior Development Manager for IBMs office suite on the mainframe, the lead architect for IBMs workflow management system IBM MQSeries Workflow and a senior architect on the IBM team that defined WSFL und BPEL. In addition he was consulting IBMs largest accounts on strategy and implementation issues.

Dieter Roller has published many articles in journals and conference proceedings and is the coauthor of a textbook on workflow. He holds more than 50 patents in the area of workflow management and transaction processing.

Dieter holds a diploma in physics and a Dr. rer. nat. from the University of Stuttgart.


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Web Publications

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