Service Management and Cloud Computing, and Evaluation


Location: V38.03

11.09.2017, 10:00 h
12.-15.09.2017, 09:00 h

Targeted at: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Business Informatics, INFOTECH
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Cloud Platforms: Principles, Service Management and Applications

Cloud Computing is a fast-growing paradigm for consumption and delivery of IT based services. It is based on concepts derived from consumer internet services, like self-service, apparently unlimited or elastic resources and flexible sourcing options. Many cloud service providers are now offering platforms that assemble services for applications and integration into hybrid environments, attracting developer communities and partner ecosystems.

In this course, we will examine the technical foundations of cloud platforms and their business models, but also practical experiences and client implementations. The course is taught by practitioners with deep experience implementing cloud platforms and services.

We will start by looking at foundational principles and emerging programming models for cloud applications. We will then do a deep dive into core services and discuss approaches like containerization, microservices or serverless computing, as well as DevOps considerations. We will also discuss the role of cloud in the Internet of Things, in particular the automotive industry, client implementation considerations and managed services.

Throughout the course, we will look at existing products and services as well as the theoretical underpinnings.

The course will be held as a combination of lectures and participant discussion. Participants are asked to bring their laptops, since some of the sessions will be hands-on.


• Monday 9/11 (start at 10am):
- Cloud Foundations: Overview, Business Drivers, Architecture Foundations – KK
- Potentially short overview of platforms other than Bluemix

• Tuesday 9/12 (9am):
- Containers, Cloud Foundry, Hands on Bluemix Exercises (e.g. Chat App) – Simon Moser and team

• Wednesday 9/13 (9am):
- Morning: Serverless, OpenWhisk (Andreas Nauerz)
- Afternoon: IoT and Automative Platform (Gerhard Koch and team)

• Thursday 9/14 (9am):
- Morning: Managed Services (KK and/or Stefan Pappe)
- Cognitive Delivery (Giovanni Lanfranchi)
- Afternoon: Client Use Cases (Albrecht Staebler and team)

• Friday 9/15 – Other topics (9am – 12am)
- DevOps for Microservices (Isabell Sippli)
- Cloud Event Management (Kristian Stewart)