Providing the ability for AI models to determine their own environmental costs.

The NADIKI project focuses on tackling the ecological challenge arising from the substantial resource consumption, including energy, raw materials, and rare earth metals, associated with AI infrastructure and applications. This consumption contributes significantly to CO2 emissions. To ensure the sustainability of AI usage, it is imperative to maximize the efficiency of existing infrastructure, minimizing the necessity for constructing new data centers, servers, and network devices. Simultaneously, there is a need to optimize the utilization of AI systems while systematically monitoring and providing transparency on resource consumption.

Funding Body: German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Funding Program: AI Lighthouses for the Environment, Climate, Nature and Resources
Start Date: 01.06.2023
End Date: 31.05.2025
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Marco Aiello

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Dinesh Reddy Vemula


Leitung Arbeitsbereich: Data Centers and Sustainability

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