Christoph Krieger

ehemaliger wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter



Sicherstellen der Compliance von Architekturentwurfsentscheidungen und Implementierungen  


Artikel in Zeitschriften

  1. Wurster, Michael; Breitenbücher, Uwe; Falkenthal, Michael; Krieger, Christoph; Leymann, Frank; Saatkamp, Karoline; Soldani, Jacopo: The Essential Deployment Metamodel: A Systematic Review of Deployment Automation Technologies. In: Software-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems (SICS), Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2019 (pdf).


  1. Harzenetter, Lukas; Breitenbücher, Uwe; Michael, Falkenthal; Guth, Jasmin; Krieger, Christoph; Leymann, Frank: Pattern-based Deployment Models and Their Automatic Execution. In: 11th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2018) (pdf).
  2. Krieger, Christoph; Breitenbücher, Uwe; Képes, Kálmán; Leymann, Frank: An Approach to Automatically Check the Compliance of Declarative Deployment Models. In: Papers from the 12th Advanced Summer School on Service-Oriented Computing (SummerSoC 2018) (pdf).
  3. Zimmermann, Michael; Breitenbücher, Uwe; Krieger, Christoph; Leymann, Frank: Deployment Enforcement Rules for TOSCA-based Applications. In: Yee, Georg (Hrsg); Rass, Stefan (Hrsg); Schauer, Stefan (Hrsg); Latzenhofer, Martin (Hrsg): Proceedings of The Twelfth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies (SECURWARE 2018) (pdf).
  4. Amiri, Amirali; Krieger, Christoph; Zdun, Uwe; Leymann, Frank: Dynamic Data Routing Decisions for Compliant Data Handling in Service- and Cloud-Based Architectures: A Performance Analysis. In: 2019 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2019) (pdf).


  1. Saatkamp, Karoline; Krieger, Christoph; Leymann, Frank; Sudendorf, Julian; Wurster, Michael: Application Threat Modeling and Automated VNF Selection for Mitigation Using TOSCA. In: 2019 International Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys), 2019 (pdf)
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