Marriage of Internet of Things and machine learning techniques towards intelligent green data centers.

In today’s data-centric world, people expect the right data to be available everywhere, anytime, cheaply, in growing quantities, and ‘processed right.’ Increasing data storage, processing, and continuity requires a globally growing and more efficient data-center management to lower the environmental footprint.

The ‘business-as-usual’ trajectory could see data-center greenhouse gases double by 2020 from a 0.28% share of total global carbon emissions in 2007. In some cases, the total energy costs in a data center can exceed the initial capital investment cost. While the ICT industry represents a 2% share of the global carbon emissions.

The NextGenSmart DC project’s premise is that the application of state-of-the-art ICT tools and techniques can improve the environmental footprint of energy-intensive facilities and deliver Smarter and Greener Data-Centers, through ‘self-help’.

Funding Body: Dutch Research Council (NWO)
Funding Program: Indo Dutch Science Industry Collaboration in Computer Science
Start Date: 01.09.2015
End Date: 31.08.2019

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