Optimization and adaptation of situational applications based on workflow fragments.

The Project

The aim of DiStOPT is to monitor distributed dynamic environments decentrally in order to adapt processes involving several participants and modeled in the form of choreographies automatically and globally at runtime. This way, e.g. Internet of Things or industry 4.0 environments can be monitored efficiently and associated processes can be adapted autonomously. Scalability, availability and real-time processing play a fundamental role in these distributed scenarios and must therefore be covered by new concepts that go well beyond the mechanisms of SitOPT.

Research Partners
  • University of Stuttgart, IAAS & IPVS


This picture showsKálmán  Képes

Kálmán Képes

Research Associate

This picture showsUwe Breitenbücher
Dr. rer. nat.

Uwe Breitenbücher

Lead of Research Area Architectures and Middleware

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