Netzbewirtschaftung als neue Marktrolle

The Project

The major goal of the project is to develop a mechanism that strengthens the central power network by freeing decentralized potentials of flexibility. Considering models and model projects, entities of the energy system such as power generation equipment, electrical consumer units, and transfer units are investigated to identify their potential for providing new services and flexibilities in the context of the energy system. The new market role Decentralized Market Agent is developed, which optimizes the decentralized utilization and expansion of these flexibilities in the circumstances of a liberalized energy market. The new market role guarantees the resilience of the energy system and gears to the signals of the present centralized energy marketplaces. Therefore, the project integrates a cross-section of relevant aspects from transfer and distribution techniques, energy grid planning and management through to business models of the energy economy and their national economic analysis.

To ensure the ability of the Decentralized Market Agent to act, it is necessary to capture metering data in high-resolution at several points of the distribution grid. The metering data have to be processed “in-time” and stored on a data platform (PaNeRo), which reliably provides information about the current status of the energy grid. For that, a flexible cloud platform architecture is developed and validated in a test run.

The outcomes of the project provide a profound knowledge base regarding the flexibility potential of lower-level energy grid layers. Further, the potential to manage the development of lower-level energy grid layers at optimal costs is quantified. In addition, the project provides concrete thought-provoking impulses for a focused development of the design of the current energy market and gives practical guidance on implementation.


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