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OpenTOSCA - Open Source TOSCA Ecosystem

OpenTOSCA Ecosystem Overview

OpenTOSCA provides an open source ecosystem for the OASIS Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) standard which was developed at the University of Stuttgart. As the name indicates, TOSCA has two parts (i) the topology, describing the components and relations of the application, and (ii) the orchestration, explicitly modelling management aspects of the application.

The OpenTOSCA ecosystem consists out of three parts, as shown in the figure above:
  1. OpenTOSCA Container, a TOSCA runtime environment
  2. Winery, a graphical modelling TOSCA tool
  3. Vinothek, a self-service portal for the applications available in the container

Get, Develop and Use OpenTOSCA

Vinothek - Self-service portal

Installation Instructions
Code on GitHub

Winery - Graphical TOSCA modelling tool

Winery has been donated to the Eclipse foundation and development continued there. The code, installation instructions, mailling linst and more information can be found on the official website of Eclipse Winery.

Code on GitHub
Closely related projects on GitHub


The following presentation introduces TOSCA in detail and gives an brief introduction into the OpenTOSCA Ecosystem.


The following video gives a brief overview of the OpenTOSCA ecosystem UI.

Selected Publications

Find more of our publications on TOSCA and cloud computing in general here.


You can contact the OpenTOSCA team at: opentosca(@)