Dipl.-Inf Hanna Eberle

Ehemalige Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


  • Business Prozess Management (BPM)
  • Adaptabilität und Flexibilität in BPM

Dissertation: Prozess Fragmente

Process fragments are used to represent fragmentary process knowledge of business processes. Additionally process fragments are said to be 'local', meaning that process fragments represent fragmentary business knowledge for specific occasions. If not all process knowledge, process fragments are available during the design time of a process, but might become available during the start fragments runtime, it must be possible to execute process fragments without complete knowledge of the whole business process and to compose the being executing process fragment with another fragment at runtime. Therefore process fragments and process fragment composition are a realization for a flexibility approach, since the selection of the suitable fragment depend on availability of process fragments and might also depend on other runtime data.




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